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Step 1

  • Contact our customer service staff via our hotline at 19483 for inquiries and appointments.
  • Receive your booking confirmation message with appointment time, address, and the treating physician’s name.
  • For International patients, we can arrange a phone or online consultation with the treating physician.

Step 2

  • Visit the reception desk to set up your medical case file and unique barcode that will be your unique identifier throughout your treatment.
  • Meet with the deputy to gather your medical history and attach all test results to your medical case file.
  • Consult with the specialist to understand the necessary tests required and determine an appropriate treatment plan.
  • Meet with medical support staff to explain the required procedures and available pricing plans.
  • Attend follow-up consultation at each of the specialized clinics, as per your unique treatment plan. These clinics include Andrology, Genetics, 4D Ultrasound, and Anesthesia.
  • Undergo the necessary tests, including blood work and endoscopy procedures (if indicated by your treatment plan).
  • Purchase medication and consult with the medical coordinator for dosage instructions
  • Book your next follow-up appointment through the hotline at 19483.

Step 3

  • Visit the hospital for ovulation monitoring. Blood tests and ultrasound scans will be performed to determine the egg retrieval day.
  • During ovulation monitoring, the male partner meets with an Andrology specialist to determine the best method for collecting a high-quality semen sample for egg injection.
  • Determine the timing for the trigger shot during the final ovulation monitoring.
  • Sign essential patient consent forms.
  • Receive a brochure with instructions for pre-egg retrieval preparations.

Step 4 

  • Confirm the procedures with the male partner, including verifying personal identification, marriage documentation, and consent forms.
  • The female partner is prepared for the procedure in her private room.
  • The egg retrieval procedure is performed under anesthesia.
  • The embryologist receives the eggs, and all procedures are conducted together with another embryologist to be a double witness in every procedure.
  • The patient is discharged approximately two hours after retrieval, following a review of the number of eggs retrieved, the patient is given post-retrieval instructions, and an explanation of medication dosages from the day of retrieval until embryo transfer.
  • A recorded phone call is made on the third or fifth day after retrieval to inform the patient of the number of fertilized eggs and obtain consent for freezing, if applicable.
  • A recorded phone call is made to inform the patient of the embryo transfer date.

Step 5

  • On the scheduled transfer day, the patient arrives with their partner and registers at the reception desk. Ensure all required documents and consent forms are in the patient's file.
  • The transfer procedure is performed with or without anesthesia, based on the doctor's assessment and the patient's preference. The doctor decides whether to transfer one or more embryos.
  • The doctor and the medical coordinator review post-transfer instructions and explain the medication dosages.
  • A reminder phone call is made on the pregnancy test day through the customer service department.
  • The pregnancy test is conducted on the 14th day after transfer, and further steps are determined based on the result.

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