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IMSI is one of the therapeutic techniques that rely on ultra-magnification of the sperm to detect subtle abnormalities that are not seen with conventional microscopic magnification. Bedaya Hospital is keen to provide all the latest treatments that contribute to raising the success rate of assisted fertilization operations such as ICSI and IVF to ensure a stable pregnancy. Recently, Bedaya Hospital provided immunotherapy with lymphocytes and magnetic sperm separation, which are techniques that help the laboratory specialist to select healthy sperm and eggs for ICSI.


Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection

IMSI stands for Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection is a technique used by our doctors to examine the structure of the sperm and exclude sperms with suspected deformation. Doctors look for only healthy high-quality sperm to be injected into the available eggs during ICSI and IVF process, and if the sperm has damaged DNA or has abnormalities in the shape or movement then laboratory fertilization may fail or miscarriage may occur.

IMSI depends on a high-magnification digital microscope that enlarges the sperm by 6,000 times than the traditional magnification to detect abnormalities that are not seen with a normal microscope.


What is IMSI in IVF?

Many are asking about the IMSI in IVF and its beneficial role in assisted productive procedures. The success of an ICSI or IVF depends on the outcome of a healthy embryo (fertilized in labs) and a successful implant of the embryo in the endometrial (inner lining of the womb). To come up with a healthy embryo that develops normally it has to be fertilized from a healthy sperm and egg. Our doctors implement the technique of IMSI to extract healthy sperm and use it in fertilization.


IMSI success rate

IMSI success rate is shown in a study reports that ultra-magnification greatly increases the success rate of IVF operations, as the amplification depends on the selection of healthy sperm only, which increases the seed of the embryo’s development in the laboratory naturally, which increases the chance of its implantation in the lining of the uterus and the completion of pregnancy.

Our doctors use IMSI stands for Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection for men who are heavy smokers and are highly exposed to environmental toxins, such as chemical factory workers. This category of men has a high probability of sperm abnormalities in shape, motility, and pH.

IMSI IVF success rates increase dramatically for couples who have done unsuccessful ICSI before. The IMSI techniques will definitely provide a more sustainable pregnancy.


Benefits of IMSI

Benefits of IMSI saves many attempts of ICSI operations and improves their results. Men who suffer from a lack of sperm and its deformity may fail to have ICSI and IVF. Doctors of Bedaya Hospital recommend IMSI to save time and effort and material costs as well.


The Sudanians couples Mohamed and his wife Makarim are 33 and 24 years old. They were trying to have a baby for 7 years, but there were no pregnancy results. They finally decided to come to Bedaya hospital and see a consultant doctor. Makarim was diagnosed with Fallopian tubes obstruction which was the reason behind all these years of pregnancy delay. Our doctors advised them to have ICSI fertility treatment which was so successful and led to twin pregnancy in 2011.