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lymphocyte Immunotherapy

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lymphocyte Immunotherapy

With the advancement of medicine in the current era, it has become easy to have children even with immune diseases. Bedaya Hospital introduces a new technology called lymphocyte immunotherapy, as this technology works to make the mother's body ready to receive the sperm and the new fetus without considering it an antibody that must be fought by the immune system.  Bedaya Hospital is considered one of the first hospitals in Egypt and the Middle East to apply the latest therapeutic technologies related to reproductive health and infertility. It also offers magnetic-activated cell sorting beside lymphocyte immunotherapy which is supervised by the most skilled doctors and laboratory specialists, using the latest medical laboratory equipment.


lymphocyte immunotherapy

lymphocyte Immunotherapy is used for women who suffer from autoimmune diseases in which the immune system randomly attacks the body's own cells. The task of the immune system is to attack foreign antibodies in the body and fight harmful viruses and bacteria, but in the case of immune disease, white blood cells and lymphocytes destroy and attack beneficial proteins and familiar body cells.

Women may face a reaction towards the sperm, so the body considers it as a foreign protein, so it destroys it, and fertilization of the egg does not occur, and this justifies repeated abortions and the failure of ICSI. In this case, lymphocyte immunotherapy is used to reduce the reaction of the woman's immune system toward the sperm and cells of the future fetus.


lymphocyte immunization therapy procedure

lymphocyte immunization therapy procedure is done by drawing a blood sample from the father and then sending it to the laboratory so that the laboratory specialists perform the blood filtration process in which the lymphocytes and white cells are separated from the rest of the cells and components of the blood. Lymphocytes taken from the man are placed in a solution to be given to the mother in a syringe under the skin.

lymphocyte immunotherapy is injected in four different spots in the mother’s body, or according to what the doctor decides. She receives three doses before the ICSI and two doses after so that the woman’s body can recognize the sperm cells and the implanted embryo and not attack it.


LIT therapy benefits

  • lit therapy benefits including:
  •  Avoiding recurrent miscarriages.
  • The success of auxiliary injections.
  • Saving time and money from re-injection.
  • In the event of pregnancy, the fetus can establish itself in the wall of the uterus
  • The body is receptive to the new cells of the fetus, so its heartbeat becomes regular.


lymphocyte immunization therapy side effects

No report has been provided regarding lymphocyte immunization therapy side effects in patients who received treatment, but there is a rare possibility o to some side effects.


lymphocyte immunization therapy success rate

Some studies have shown that the lymphocyte immunization therapy success rate is 69%, but other studies have shown that success rates have risen to 80%. In any case, immunotherapy has proven its worth not only in the success of assisted fertilization and pregnancy but also in the treatment of some types of cancer.


lymphocyte immunotherapy pregnancy

lymphocyte immunotherapy pregnancy chance Increases greatly with immunotherapy, as the immune system can recognize the man's lymphocytes, so it does not attack the sperm. Immunotherapy should be considered if the mother has an immune deficiency and assisted fertilization procedures such as ICSI and IVF are not successful. A sick mother can become pregnant through ICSI, but with the growth of fetal cells, the immune system attacks it, so it does not grow and a miscarriage occurs.


Is LlT therapy painful?

One of the most frequently asked questions is LIT Therapy Painful? Many people think that immunotherapy is painful, but in reality, it is just a needle prick. A blood sample is drawn from the husband, processed and separated in a laboratory, and then injected into the mother's blood. Immunotherapy is nothing to worry about as it is a great technology that has allowed many mothers to avoid miscarriage.


lymphocyte immunization therapy cost

 what is lymphocyte immunization therapy cost? One of the common mistakes that couples make is choosing medical services with a low price to save, but they must look for reliable hospitals and have skilled doctors to avoid any medical errors or any complications and side effects. Bedaya Hospital has the latest medical technologies and fully equipped laboratories to ensure the provision of high-quality medical services and successful operations.

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