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Supra-Pubic Liposuction

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Supra-Pubic Liposuction

Supra-Pubic liposuction is a cosmetic procedure for men where the suprapubic fat pad is removed. This suprapubic fatpad usually makes the penis look shorter than it really is affecting the male self confidence and with it possibly his performance.

At Bedaya Hospital, we offer all types of pubic liposuction with laser and Vaser, using modern techniques with guaranteed results.


Supra-Pubic liposuction

The pubic area is a triangular area that is located above the genital organ and its thickness should not exceed 2 cm in men. Excess of fat in that area, whether due to ageing, excessive obesity or genetic factors can cause some problems;

  • Infections of the urinary tract and bladder.
  • Inability to have normal sexual intercourse.
  • The penis is perceived smaller than it actually is due to a part of it being covered by the suprapubic fat.
  • Stress, anxiety, and loss of self-confidence.

The success of liposuction depend on the experience of the surgeon, who with his experience and competence can complete the procedure professionally with almost no scars and minor.


Supra-Pubic liposuction surgery

There are several ways to perform a lipectomy (liposuction) for suprapubic fat. They are all outpatient procedures that only require to be admitted to hospital for several hours.



During a Vibro-Liposculpture; An incision is made in the supra pubic area under general or local anesthesia. A canula with suction is entered through this incision while the suprapubic area is put under vibration, so the fatty tissues come lose and are sucked up through the cannula to flatten the suprapubic area.



Depends on directly focusing heat energy on fat cells in the suprapubic area to dissolve fat and suctioning them through a cannula that was inserted through a small surgical incision. The laser stimulates collagen production and prevents sagging of skin.The final result appears after several repetitive sessions.



Vasser is a device that relies on high-frequency waves to dissolve fat cells without affecting the surrounding tissues, this reduces bleeding significantly and also works to stimulate collagen stimulation and prevent sagging of skin.


Instructions after supra-pubic surgery

Follow your doctor’s instructions to minimize recovery period, prevent complications and accomplish the best results.

  • Avoid vigorous physical exertion for 6 weeks postop.
  • Do not take medicines without the permission or prescription of a doctor
  • Maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Eat a Healthy nutritious diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and fibers
  • Drink at least 2 liters of waer daily.
  • Pay attention to the wound so that no infections or complications occur.
  • quit smoking

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